ELVO CODING ELVO CODING was founded in 1994 as a sole proprietorship and since then has been a specialist in the field of marking technology and labeling technology and labeling machines. In 2006, the sole proprietorship was transformed into ELVO CODING GmbH & Co.KG.

ELVO CODING specializes in all questions, wishes, requirements, solutions, optimizations and executions around the following topics:

Industrial product marking

Labeling technology for marking and coding your products.

Industrial product labelling

Semiautomatic and fully automatic labeling machines for a wide range of products.

Labelling machines

Labelers / labellers for every need.

Self-adhesive labels

Consumables, label design and label printing.

Product marking

Product marking with ink jet, hot stamping or label printer for every need.

Filling machines

Filling machines, weighing systems, lid sorters, lid applicators, lid screwdrivers, lid choppers.

Thanks to our many years of intensive experience in the field of labeling technology and labeling technology with regard to any customer-specific specification requirements, a great deal of competence has been created. This allows us to target the high demands of the industry and their very special applications with a view to an optimal realization in a very good price-performance range.

We like to work for all companies:
We value small businesses as well as our major customers.

We design and produce any kind of self-adhesive labels from the roll for all requirement profiles.

ELVO CODING attaches great importance to a very personal customer proximity, which we guarantee through our small business and our always friendly and helpful staff.

We are always there for you and optimally realize your wishes!
Small – but oh and friendly, fast and flexible!

Etikettiermaschinen für die Industrie

Products for the industry – labelling & filling

Professional labellers with high labeling performance, label printing systems and inkjet printing systems / inkjet jets for industrial product marking.

Winzer, Imker Etikettiermaschinen

Products for winegrowers, beekeepers, manufacturers – labelling & filling

Especially for small needs, for the individual winegrowers, beekeepers, distillers, bottlers, for manufacturers or hobby producers, we have developed special solutions that allow a low-priced yet very professional labelling.

Abfüllmaschinen, Deckelverschließer

New: filling machines, weighing systems, lid sorters, lid applicators, lid screwdrivers, lid choppers

New is our distribution of filling machines / filling systems, screwdrivers, lid screwdrivers and lid closers for twist off. We have been involved in this topic for years through the sale and the design of labeling machines and now want our years of experience together with the very good products of a good for years combine established companies.

Digitale Etikettendrucksysteme

Digital label printing systems, digital label printers, digital finishers, digital laser punches

Digital printing and finishing systems for self-adhesive labels from roll. Consumables such as hot stamping foil and textile foil.

Etikettendruck Onlinekalkulator

Label printing – Online calculator – Roll labels in digital printing

The solution for small quantities in professional quality and machine-labeled. Perfect for drinks, foods, supplements, toiletries, chemicals, wines, honey.

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