Fully automatic labelling machine TYPE Estelle

  • Fully automatic labelling system with 1 or 2 label dispensing heads
  • Feed unit for conical products
  • Labelled about 800 products / hour
  • Optional: capsule applicator, capsule shrinker, capsule roller, post-labelling of already labelled bottles

Specially designed for labelling needs of up to approximately 800 bottles per hour, this fully automatic labelling system is a very reasonably priced solution for the perfect label seating and easy handling. The Estelle and Estelle Vino labellers are available with 1 or 2 label dispensing stations / label dispensing heads and can be equipped with a capsule applicator and a capsule shredder or capsule dispenser. Thanks to the very small dimensions of the unit and its rollers, this storage system has a storage place everywhere, from where it can be easily and quickly rolled to its place of use whenever needed.

The Estelle Vino was specially developed for winemakers or juice bottlers who want to label quickly, easily and inexpensively.

The Estelle works fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive, but this machine is also available with capsule applicator and capsule shrink.

  • Driven transport chain with rectangular storage table
  • Label dispensers for abdominal and back labeling
  • Performance up to 800 bottles / hour
  • Automatic product centering for all outside diameters from 50mm to 116mm
  • Extremely small machine dimensions
  • Option „Post-labeling of already labeled bottles
  • Rollers or feet

only model Estelle:

  • Optional for additional capsule applicator
  • Optional for additional capsule shrinker or capsule roller
Vollautomatisch Weinflaschen etikettieren Estelle

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Labelling of honey jars with seal label I Fully automatic labelling machine Estelle