Fully automatic labelling machine TYP Regina 1500

  • Up to 3 label dispensers for labelling belly and back labels as well as a neck label or medal
  • Labelled approx. 1,500 products / h
  • Optional: capsule applicator, capsule shrinker, capsule roller, post-labelling of already labelled bottles, notch detection

Our Regina is a fully automatic labeller with the min. 1500 bottles can be labelled in one hour. It can apply up to 3 labels to your bottles in one go.

For a simple but comfortable operation, our Regina has a button screen included. Another highlight is the electronic height adjustment of the individual label dispensing heads, as well as the large round turntable on which you can collect your finished labelled bottles. Thanks to its castors, this storage system has a storage place everywhere, from which it can be easily and quickly rolled to its place of use whenever needed.

  • Base made of stainless steel V4A
  • Rollers or feet
  • Powered transport chain with large round turntable made of stainless steel
  • Up to 3 label dispensers for labelling belly and back labels
    as well as a neck label or medal
  • Electric height adjustment of all label dispensing heads
  • Performance min. 1000 bottles / hour
  • Automatic product centering for all outside diameters from 50mm to 116mm
  • Compact machine dimensions
  • Optional for additional capsule applicator
  • Optional for additional capsule shrinker or capsule roller
  • Option „Post-labelling of already labeled bottles“
  • Option notch detection
  • Label core inside diameter 76mm
  • Max. Outer diameter of label rolls 260mm
  • Control panel via a touch screen with fault diagnosis system
    via display
  • 15 label formats can be saved via key screen
Etikettiermaschine mit Kapselaufsetzer und Kapselschrumpfer

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Labelling of glass bottles I Fully automatic labelling machine Regina