Label winding and unwinding system RoRo 120

To rewind labels after printing properly on reel, you need a rewinder. The rewinder is simply positioned in front of your printing system so that the finished printed labels are immediately wound onto a suitable label core.

The size of the label core is not important for our rewinder because our rewinding system can be infinitely adjusted to the label core. The RoRo 120 rewinding system has a label pull brake so that the label pull on your printing system does not hinder printing. For exact winding, our RoRo 120 has a label guide plate on both sides. To wind up your labeller, an internal and external winding is possible with our RoRo 120 winding and unwinding system. You can use the RoRo 120 winding and unwinding system for both your thermal transfer printing system and the Printus ink jet printing system. Now you can insert your labels into your labelling system.

The technical specifications follow.

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