Lid closer / lid screwdriver / lid sorter

Available in 2 variants

Fully automatic. System with conveyor belt
Product separation
Individually customizable

Semi-automatic lid closer / lid screwdriver DV-2

  • Table unit

Thanks to the stable base plate and the non-slip feet, our lid sealer is safe and independent. The linear module is the ideal complement to our semi or fully automatic filling line „FILL IN“.

The cover screwdriver works exclusively electrically (24 VDC) and without compressed air!

Easy to adjust:

– the travel path
– the vertical speed
– the vertical contact pressure
– The torque up to which is screwed.

Technical specifications

  • Stroke: 300 mm
  • Holding torque: 198 Ncm
  • Voltage: 24 V DC
  • Power 100W
halbautomatischer Deckelverschließer

Semi-automatic lid closer / lid screwdriver DV-2 for twist-off lid

Fully automatic lid closer / lid screwdriver VM-40

  • Fully automatic system with conveyor belt
  • Product separation
  • Individually adaptable

The overall structure is extremely compact, easy to service and maintain, easy to clean. The cover chopper / screw capper complies with all relevant requirements and regulations for machines and systems for use in the food processing industry.
Designed for all types of cans / bottles: plastic cans, glass bottles, paper cans Performance: Up to 1,000 products / h.

Technical specifications

  • 1 x base frame made of stainless steel
  • A common extra polished stainless steel control cabinet V2A (EN DIN 1.4301) for mounting control PLC
  • Transport chain
  • Sensor for product recognition
  • Variable adjustable conveying speed
  • Station for cover barking / cover screwing
  • Adjustment contact pressure / torque adjustment
  • Emergency switch
  • Protective cover to the operator side as an intervention protection
Deckelverschrauber / Deckelverschliesser

Fully automatic lid applicator and lid screwdriver VM-40 for plastic cans