Fully automatic labelling machine TYPE MODULAR DS

  • Labelling of flat products

The fully automatic labelling systems of the COMPACT, MODULAR and MASTER series have been developed in order to be able to flexibly configure and offer customized labelling solutions from already existing modules. Part of these modules are the latest generation LABELX dispensing heads as well as the PandA printing and dispensing systems.

The extensive list of optional accessories complements the labelling solutions and makes it possible to offer solutions that can be used to apply self-adhesive labels to cases, folding boxes, cardboard boxes, cans, bottles, bottles, medical products and containers of various shapes and forms. allow. Another outstanding feature is the simple operation of these systems by means of a button screen, which then allows you to change the labelling systems to a new product with just a few simple steps and with the least amount of set-up.

This fully automated labelling system is a solution for dispensing 2 self-adhesive labels on the front and back of z. As bottles and cans, glass bottles and pots and on almost all other round, rectangular and oval shaped products. Originally designed for cosmetic applications, this labelling system is characterized by very high accuracy, high availability and very simple machine operation.

  • Zwei Etikettenspendesysteme LABELX 140 ES
  • Zwei bewegliche Andruckrollen
  • Zwei horizontale Höhen- und vertikale Seitenverstellungen
    (X- und Y-Achse) mittels Mikrometereinstellung
  • Transportbandmodul mit Flachband
  • Motorisch angetriebene Oberbandführung
  • Automatische Geschwindigkeitsanpassung
  • Grundgestell der Serie MODULAR aus lackiertem Stahl
    (Edelstahlausführung auf Anfrage möglich)
  • Gehäuse für Zentralelektronik und Tastenbildschirm
  • Elektronik mit Speicher für Spendeparameter


  • LABELX 250 ES
  • Vor-Alarm für nahendes Ende des Etikettenbandes
  • Optischer Sensor für transparente Etiketten
  • Orbital angepasster oder zweifacher Klemmgurtförderer
    zur Etikettierung von konischen Produkten
  • Heißprägegerät
  • Inline- und Thermotransferdrucksysteme
Vollautomatisch etikettieren MODULAR