Ink cartridges and inks

in all colors

for all printer types, also especially for Markem printers, Smart Date, Open Date, Thermocode

according to specification or presentation

from the roll for all labellers and label printers

Label paper made from renewable raw materials

We deliver the right consumables for all standard labeling systems.

  • fast and prompt delivery
  • extensive stock
  • no minimum purchase



We also supply the ink for all common inkjet printing systems, such as: inkjet printing systems, continuous inkjet, drop-on-demand systems, piezo technology. The corresponding cleaners we have in stock.


Hot stamping foil

All hot stamping machines on the market have the same technical specifications and therefore do not require special foils. The difference is therefore in the material that is to be coded. Accordingly, there are different film qualities.


Thermal transfer foil

Thermal transfer film is available in different qualities. We carry ribbons for every purpose and for every Thernmotransferprinter. Whether on plastic surfaces or paper, black, colored, gold or silver. There is something for you in our full assortment.


Embossing types / clichés

We deliver the complete alphabet, special characters & numbers. So that the embossing types also sit firmly in the type holder, we also have the matching fastening clips.


Self-adhesive labels

We deliver all types of self-adhesive labels quickly and reliably in consistent good quality. You will receive labels from us in all versions, such as:.

  • Blankets (unprinted labels)
  • Labels ready for your labeling machine
  • Labels for imprinting with a thermal transfer printer
  • Labels in all sizes for our Printus printing system
  • Labels of paper (for example, matt, semigloss, glossy, etc.)
  • Transparent labels in no-label-lock
  • Labels with and without perforation
  • Labels in flexo, book and digital printing (ingenious print quality)
  • Gold and silver embossing in foil printing



Environmental awareness is important to us!

The demand for vegan labels, biodegradable adhesive paper and label films and FSC-certified paper is growing. That’s why we offer our customers biodegradable and compostable labels – an environmentally friendly solution.

Sustainability is an important issue for manufacturers of organic products. Also offer your customers an environmentally friendly solution for your product.

We will gladly advise you which of the sustainable label materials fits your product.

Green label paper
  • Material stands for authenticity and sustainability
  • Grape Touch FSC material signals an appreciation of down-to-earthness and good craftsmanship
  • It consists of about 15% pomace, which falls off when Weinkeltern, 40% post-consumer recycled fibers and 45% of newly obtained FSC-certified wood pulps.
  • White matt 80 gsm, FSC certified paper     
  • Made of 100% recycled waste paper     
  • Process bleached bleached     
  • Excellent printability, also suitable for laser and inkjet.
  • Raw material produced from biological waste (corn, wheat, sugar cane, rice)     
  • Recyclable with plain paper     
  • Compostable     
  • Perfect UV-printable, also in digital printing
  • Especially sustainable through grass / hay
  • Produced especially energy and water saving     
  • Approximately 40% grass content     
  • Recyclable, compostable, food approved

For any special requests – just contact us, we will take care of a possible realization.