Screw feeder SDW 100

Semi-automatic filling / filling machines

  • High-performance screw feeder with or without integrated weighing unit
  • Easy operation via touch screen

Simple and high-performance auger feeder with or without integrated weighing unit. The operation is uncompromisingly easy via a colored button screen, 7 „. All product-specific dosing data are processed in just one screen window and are always available.

The overall construction of the screw feeder is extremely compact, easy to service and maintain, and easy to clean. All available versions of screw feeders comply with the relevant requirements and regulations for machinery and equipment for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Each dosing screw is specially designed for use for weighing or dosing of the respective products.

Our electronic controllers for screw feeders use microprocessor technology and are state of the art. The controls are range-oriented, with regard to high demands on accuracy and maximum performance. The controls of all series are target weight or dosing performance oriented and control the dosing screw with a speed offset. Furthermore, the electronic controls of all series are characterized by simple operation and handling. All menu steps and sub-items are displayed in plain text, as well as occurring error messages. Basically, all screw feeders are prepared for setting up and synchronizing with a packaging machine.

The technical specifications follow.

Schneckendosierer Abfüllmaschine