Filling balance

Semi-automatic filling / filling machines

  • High performance TWIN - TRACK linear scale with Variostrom cascades and split load pan
  • Easy operation via a touch screen

Equipment of the filling balance:

Overall construction extremely compact, easy to service and maintain, easy to clean. The filling scale complies with all relevant requirements and regulations for machines and systems for use in the food processing industry. The respective versions of the filling scale are specially designed for the use of the weighing of the customer product.

This system is a high performance TWIN TRACK linear scale with Variovom cascades and split load pan. The operation is uncompromisingly simple with just a touch screen. All data is displayed and processed in only 1 screen window and is therefore constantly available.

Our filling scale controls use state-of-the-art microprocessor technology. The controls are area-oriented with the highest standards of accuracy and highest possible performance. The controls of the filling scales of all series are oriented to target weight and directly control the vibratory drives with a speed offset. Furthermore, the electronic control of the scales is characterized by a simple menu navigation, simple operation and easy handling. All menu steps and sub-items are displayed in plain text, as well as the occurring error messages..

The technical specifications follow.

Abfüllwaage für Abfüllmaschine